Aidan suddenly becomes the star of an online reality show. And the last thing he wants to be is famous.

Mr. Stolken hires him to be his rich grandson, complete with a hot girlfriend and a sports car. The fine print: Aidan’s every move is about to be filmed and his new life preplanned...except for Hazel. Dating her would break his contract, a violation that comes with an $80,000 fine. Will Aidan follow his heart and risk losing everything?

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A girl stood quickly, shoving the book she had just shut amongst the pillows. She looked near my age and was wearing a buttoned white top and black pants that reminded me of the maid’s outfit. Her bright eyes never left my face, as she nervously brushed a red curl from her forehead. She said, “I-I didn’t realize you were here! I mean, of course you were coming—everyone knew you were coming—but I didn’t realize… You’re him, right? Stolken’s grandson? You must be if you look like that.”

I opened my mouth, unsure of where to begin.

Seeming to have heard her words echo back in her mind, the girl rubbed her hand over her eyes. She spoke in a torrent, “Oh my gosh, I shouldn’t have said that! I didn’t mean it like… You don’t look like him; he looks like a warlock.” She sighed. “I mean, you look good.”

With that said, she promptly snapped her teeth shut and turned a bright scarlet.

I laughed, then realized I probably shouldn’t have, and ran my fingers through my hair. “Uh, thanks.” I took a step forward and offered her my hand. “I’m Aidan Anderson.”

She shook my hand, a smile briefly illuminating her face. “Hazel Johnson.”

She pointed at her green-brown eyes. “My parents had a sense of humor. So, if your last name’s Anderson, then your mom is Mr. Stolken’s daughter, right?”

I blinked; this girl certainly was quick. “Oh, yeah.”

Hazel looked at me curiously, a smile faintly on her lips. Her face had returned to a natural color and she waited a moment to speak, as if testing our silence. “Well, I hope you don’t mind me being in here. I mean, I probably shouldn’t…” She shrugged. “I had a break one day and I found it. A plus,” she pointed up into the corner, were there was a tiny black camera, “is that it doesn’t work half of the time. See? The red light’s off. Those things are everywhere. It kinda creeps me out.”

I glanced at the other corners, confirming that it was the only one. “I hadn’t noticed.”

Hazel laughed lightly, “Oh, you will.”